About Us

Our organizers were all associated with other animal rescue groups and learned from their successes and failures.  The core group were all pet professionals and included a full time pet sitter, a dog trainer, a dog groomer, a part time pet sitter, animal control volunteer, and a former pet tech stay at home mom, along with huge support from our clients, friends, and  family.

As the saying goes, "Life happens", and people change focus in life and move on.  Rather than changing this page with adding and subtracting people, suffice it to say, we are an all volunteer group.   In addition to regular board meetings, all our volunteers help with cage cleaning, fostering, adoptions, and much much more.  If you have a desire to volunteer, please send us an email to info@indyclaw.org.  Our insurance does not permit unsupervised minors.  Learn more on our volunteer/foster page.

We would like to thank Julie and the 2008 Baxter YMCA Leaders Club who came up with the name of our rescue.  This dedicated group of young leaders, built two chicken coops to help us house these abandoned animals.  They learned a lot about teamwork, building construction, and the care of various animals we house, including those chickens they had chosen to help.

Our adoption process has evolved over time to insure we are meeting our mission statement, Creating Life-long Animal Welfare.  We do not do a 'cash and carry' adoption.  Our process is intentionally involved and takes time to make sure the adopter is committed to their new companion and will not have buyers remorse later and regret the decision resulting in neglecting the social needs of the adopted pet.  We have a lengthy application, a meeting at the rescue center, and a home visit all designed to insure the chosen pet is getting a life-long home.